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September 29, 2008


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Ryan Moede

Sounds like a cool idea. And with the amount of companies turning to social sites for collecting new ideas (Starbucks, Dell, etc), I think this idea has great potential.

Polly Pearson

Hi Bryan,

Not sure how you found via ala Twitter, but nice to make the connection.

No need to print this comment. Just an FYI from my recollection...

LOVE your business idea. The analogy has a hitch I believe. My youngest is 3 years old. The baby monitor I used for him was wireless, at least on the mommy side. I recall clipping it to my waste and doing gardening and walking all around the house with no wires and no worries! We can put a check in the box next to that Improveupon!

Cheers t oyour business. I look forward to following your progress.



Neat idea. You should launch it now and have people post their $10MM ideas for Google Change the World initative. Same concept as what you have listed above but the payout would be from google and all participating signed up groups/individuals will work together to get the winning idea implemented. What do you think? Let me know when the site goes live.

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