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September 30, 2008


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David Meerman Scott

Thanks Bryan. Seems simple, but people violate these all the time.


Clearly, until the sense that whatever happens in cyberspace is public domain, these types of abuses will continue. Unless of course, I'm missing something, at which point, I don't know what I'm talking about, however, I'm going to start a new blog covering this exact phenomenon....

Christian Arca

I could not agree more with the transparency topic. It's so obvious but overlooked so often.

Alma Gray

Right on Bryan.
So I remember in my college days (yes, amazingly I still recall stuff from that time...the first time around :0) that plagarism results in expulsion. How about the offending blogger be 'excommunicated' in some way or another by the blogging/readership communities?
In other words...call them out. Kinda like 'nobody expects the' blogging 'inquisition'!
Just a thought ;0)

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