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October 13, 2008


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Great information. I am just getting starting into blogging and SEO so this information was quite helpful. Anything else you could pass my way would be greatly appreciated.

Alma Gray

Balance is good--both for one's brain chemicals and SEO purposes..thanks for the info!

Tomas Ohlum

Very useful information, thanks. Search engine traffic is not everything but is the biggest source if SEO is performed correctly. In the article it is said that "content is more important than SEO". I say SEO is content! Why? The foundation in good SEO is; unique, relevant and well-written content.

Rob Bedell

This shows the basic marketing concept, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. You can always weight one area heavier in certain times, but having a diverse marketing plan is always better in the end. The one area they left out which is becoming more popular is article marketing.

Affiliate Expert

I agree with Rob, article marketing is not a new form of marketing, but one that delivers quality results. Press release are also great additions to the strategies mentioned in the articles.

For those who are really into SEO, you guys should pick up a free course here.


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