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October 15, 2008


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Keith Pape

Hey Bryan,

Don't you think we are seeing brands do this today with Facebook pages and Twitter accounts? I see that the corporate website is already changing from a single domain instance (walled garden) to an open corporate interactive communication system that lives in many places (the places where the consumer lives) and with those new corporate voices emerging, our clients can already interact in an unfiltered way (wall to wall on facebook and any reply on twitter - or even more on any account in twitter by using the #brandname usage?.

Maybe his point is that those actions are still a small percentage of corporate communications and that we'll see it become the minimum business requirement going forward?

bryan elliott

Thanks for your comments Keith. Yes it's slowly happening -- but these signs are truly the tip of the iceberg of things to come. Even thought-to-be progressive companies (Motorsports comes to mind...) are shockingly behind the times in terms of simple know-how, not to mention having the ability to take advantage of technology and the web.

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