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November 17, 2008


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I think you are exactly right Bryan, it comes in many forms...

The 1st thought that came to mind when I read your question is that my leverage is finding access to single points (people, networks, resources) that will produce results that I otherwise could not get working by myself...and I use this to my advantage by creating a win-win for all parties involved. Therefore getting more in return with less effort needed.

Outsourcing, Delegating, Joint Venturing, Partnering, Strategic Alliances...are all words that come to mind when I think about leverage.

Im constantly asking myself questions like:
-Who can align myself with?
-Who can I collaborate with that already has in place what I lack?
-Where is that single source that will give me access to the most of what I am looking for?

I think ultimately I use leverage to work smarter...to free up time and simultaneously increase profits for my business, my ventures, and other people...i.e. work less and make more over a given length of time.

From a marketing perspective: I like to use Joint Venturing...and I use it to create immediate sales revenue.

From a strategic business perspective: I like to outsource...and I use it to keep expenses low and momentum high, especially in the early stages of a venture--especially if I am bootstrapping.


A hypothetical about leverage in business:

Lets say you write a book, and your goal is to sell 1 million copies as quick as possible. What would be a general example of the ultimate form of leverage you could create for yourself?

One idea: Would you rather sell one book at a time to 1 million different individuals, or would you rather find 1 individual that would buy 1 million copies of your book on the spot? One million to 1 person sounds like a heck of an advantage, right? Granted, in most cases it would look more like finding 1 source that could provide access to over 1 million potential buyers...but examples of one single purchase of that size do exist.

Would you consider Oprah and her book club a leverage point for this same 1 million books example? What if you found 10 to 20 other Oprahs, how easily could you hit or exceed your 1 million goal?


bryan elliott

Thanks for the comment Brandon. I think having 1M brand evangelists/fans would be a greater advantage...more reach, longer distribution.

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